Who are we ?

Alanine has been part of the Biotec group since 2008, specialising in the natural-products niche of the Health and Wellbeing sector.

The firm concentrates its thinking and development efforts on products based on essential oils and plant oils, from the raw materials to the end products.

Alanine has three divisions, including Alanine Laboratory and Lipidine (plant-oil factory in Morocco).

From R&D to when a product goes into production and subsequently appears on the market, Alanine is a favoured partner developing personalised products based on essential oils and plant extracts for the medical, paramedical, parapharmaceutical and cosmetic world.

Alanine has over 25 years’ expertise in the plant-aromatherapy field, and offers health products based on Premium Quality essential oils and plant oils containing powerful active ingredients intended for complementary medicine and curative cosmetics.

There is an assurance that the products are of very high quality, together with rigorous procedures for supply, development, production and analysis, justifying the firm’s position.

The Essence and Excellence of Essential Oils and Plant Oils

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