Exceptional aromatic qualities

Essential Oil quality depends on a number of inseparable factors:

All of these elements are essential to making a perfect oil.

Our Essential Oils are the fruit of combining science, technique and art to achieve the best possible quality. We pay the greatest attention to the delicate balance of their composition to guarantee the outstanding aroma that is our hallmark.

However, the safe use and achieving the desired properties depends on accurate product identification. That is why ALANINE LABORATORY uses the E.O.B.B.D.® (Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined) quality criteria to provide every possible guarantee.

What does E.O.B.B.D.® mean?

The E.O.B.B.D.® label is a guarantee of the highest quality, the strictest checks, and is assurance of having the market’s best available products.

Developed by Philippe Mailhebiau, this label is a significant technical improvement in traceability, and thus offers you the peace of mind of consistent quality.

Herba Helvetica is Belgium’s first range of Essential Oils to bear this distinction.

The E.O.B.B.D.® label requires clear information :