Herbalys Hair careEssential Oils based Hair Care

The excellence and effectiveness of the selection of essential oils and plant oils produced by Herba Helvetica, together with formulation of our products, provide an effective and user-friendly solution to common hair problems : hair loss, hair that may be dry, damaged, oily or coloured, dandruff, scalp irritation, etc. There is also a range of products for all hair types, to maintain naturally healthy hair.

As a result of 25 years’ experience and expertise in plant-aromatherapy, Herbalys treats hair and scalp, maintaining it in perfect health.

The anti-hair-loss protocol, with proven effectiveness, comprises an essential-oils (98%) lotion, a medicated shampoo and a food supplement that gives the hair strength, vitality and density.

HERBALYS / Hair Aromatherapy is Alanine Laboratory’s hair-care range, with essential oils and plant oils. The hair range takes various forms: shampoos, masks, food supplements, lotions, essential oils and sera.