Pharmacie 36-8

Based on the major changes ongoing in the pharmaceutical sector, the ALANINE Group has identified the following trends in the pharmacy market:

  1. Development of generalist chains designed to take over independent pharmacies, resulting in:
    • A radical change of status for pharmacists to become employees
    • Standardisation of product ranges, services and advice
    • A loss of personalised customer service and the “commercial” approach
    • The reorganisation of distribution channels
  2. Liberalising legislation for the sale of MNSP (OTC) products in major retailers.
  3. Liberalising legislation for sales over the internet!

Based on this analysis, Alanine has opened a pilot pharmacy in Brussels to develop a new dispensary approach.

This Group has decided to express this through its “36°8” concept: the temperature of a healthy human body.

A first hand visit is better than any description we could give you...

Pharmacy 36°8 Vert Chasseur located in Uccle (1180 Brusssels), Chaussée de Waterloo No. 1063!

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Above all 36°8 is a pharmacy!